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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Aug 18 2007, 09:01 PM
That is the biggest thing I am hoping for Alvin. I just hope Days has the budget to show the sets. I have wondered if that is why we don't see Basic Black anymore.

The best stories ever for Kate were in the work place for me. Now like you said she has become so one note. That is the reason I don't feel she is safe at all if big time cuts have to be made.

Yeah. The set issue is one I wasn't sure about. But damn if they can spend all this money for a Casino and a Giant Hotel Suite for the Vegas kids to have a playground it would be nice if they could just set up a permanent corporate suite again and center something around Titan.

And I agree with you guys about loving Kate as a businesswoman. And it reminded me of something else that bothers me about how they are using Kate right now. Last fall I liked her for the first time in forever because she did seem to be meddling less and she was the ONLY working woman in Salem. Yet now I just see her as totally pathetic and wasted. I mean this is not the first time we saw Kate lose everything on this show yet when Victor ruined her after she set that fire at his mansion and she was living out of her car she didn't go back to sleeping with men for money. She got a job at a diner and was plucky about getting herself back on her feet not taking the easy way out. I really liked her then. It's a shame to see her reduced to this because I don't see them putting her sleeping with Stefano for cash as any sort of romance or intrigue, it's just more of the same misogyny I've come to know and loathe under Days penned by Hogan Sheffer.

Oh and as for Drake's comments... For the record, this particular Days fan who wasn't too fond of Drake's comments WOULD ABSOLUTELY FORGIVE HIM if I thought he was trying on the show, but his performances just fall flat for me in a way they never did before. I am someone who while I am a smartass and always rib about the smell-my-fart acting stuff I still did and do have a sentimental attachment to Drake and the character of John Black because he was at the center of so many stories I loved over the years and I was actually really excited for him coming out of the coma but have just been pretty much disappointed with him thus far so that is where some of my harsh critique comes from. Part of it I know is him not having that much to do but suck Marlena's face, but even when he's on he's just... different.

Oh and also... I wasn't aware of Thaao's comments blowing up the spot of the SSK storyline. I was on a break from Days until the SSK storyline roped me back in so I didn't read any soap mags/message boards in those days. I could see how that would be extremely annoying and sour you on him.
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