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Steve Frame
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Aug 18 2007, 10:28 PM
Do we know he didn't mean BD, AS, LK, JT, MM, MBE, and SN? No, we don't. He didn't say he didn't so I am going to take it as he meant EVERYONE that aired during that time.

I wasn't trying to be condescending. I was accused of blowing this out of proportion when I wasn't the only one commenting on the issue this way.

I don't know really know what Drake meant but he didn't come out and clarify either so that hurts him big time. As for Hogan, we all know very well that he told some lies but most of the blame lies on Corday for pulling the rug out from under him with firing RJ and making his backburner the vets. He didn't know about that. Honestly, why would a 4-time emmy winner lie in several interviews about more then 50% of the things he promised with his reputation on the line? Exactly, he has no reason to. That's not to say he hasn't lied at all but alot of what he promised happened early on until he was steamrolled. This is in contrast with Drake, who has seen his role diminished and whose acting has been dreadful since his return. He has plenty of reason to lash out. As for Matt, I was just as livid about his exit and I did blame Corday for that. I was very angry about that. The penthouse incident and the bedroom set one were just silly. Those are incidents that focus on objects. not actual people. I don't see that as even being relevant here.

Steve, I didn't mean to come off harsh and I apologize for this. You made your stance clear and I made mine. We'll see what happens.

That's fine for you to do so. You believe what you want about Drake.

Since it is okay to read into articles what is not being said then I am perfectly within my rights to call Hogan a liar. All I have is what is actually in print in articles. And he said those things and then didn't deliver. He also said he wouldn't do the incest route and he did.

So he is a liar. That's all I have to go on is what is in the articles. I don't have to give him the benefit of the doubt at all.

So until Drake comes out and says what he meant - he's a jackass and a bastard who needs to be fired. And Hogan Sheffer is a 4 time Emmy winning LIAR.
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