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PR, I am not picking on you. I am simply responding to posts here on this board. Just like I have responded to Px and Aremid about this same subject. I will admit that due to our history, I can see why you would think or even feel that I am picking on you. And about my post that did come out of the condescending nature of your other posts and the things that I know you said in reference to DR somewhere else. If you will look back last week when you were thinking of changing how you post, I was the one trying to tell you that you didn't have too. I have tried to be nice to you. And I have tried to give this a chance.

And nobody is wanting you to change how you post - just to have respect for everyone else's opinions.

Everytime someone posts something negative about Days or how something sounds boring - it is not necessary to feel like you have to get the final word in as a positive one. Or to point out that other spoilers posted elsewhere sound better. It makes it look like their opinion doesn't matter. And I am not the only one to notice it. You don't have to try and negate their opinion by turning it positive or trying to point out something else.

There is no reason why both opinions can't exist on the board. Many times I and other people have let you have your say about Days and no one even responds to it, but it is very rare that you let something negative get by without saying something to turn it positive.

Everybody on this board are adults and love Days as much as you do. You don't have to be Days defender and seem to take it so personally if someone says something negative about the show. That is all DrewH has asked several times here. The purpose of a message board is to discuss both sides of any issue. Last night we had a long discussion about Luke & Noah in another thread about ATWT. There were those that were negative about it and those that were positive on the couple. Both sides were presented and no one was made to feel bad about how they felt.

Just don't make people feel so bad. That is my biggest problem is that you seem to always seek all the way back to SON to make me feel guilty for criticizing the show. And you constantly point out that it sounds like I didn't watch the whole episode or I quit for awhile - like that makes my opinion less important than yours. That is where my only anger stems from. Just because someone tuned out during an episode or whatever doesn't negate them from having an opinion about the show - whether negative or positive.

I have no problem with you as a person. I used to be the same type of poster as you about Days. I defended Days no matter what. And I made other people feel bad all the time about how I treated them in posts esp. Evan, XDaysAddict and even Roman at one time as I did the same thing you are doing with others in bringing up them quitting or who they watch for, etc. I remember calling Roman not a true fan because he quit the show at one time and then got mad at me because I didn't like changes that were being made. I realized my mistake and I apologized to people like Evan and xDays in a thread at SON that didn't get to stay up I hear. I saw the error of my way. I will never ever question anyone's devotion to a show again or make them feel bad because of the way they feel. There are no true fans - we are all just fans and every soap needs any and all fans right now.

I have no problem with your being positive about Days or a positive person. I am positive about life and everyting with it but I am not solely positive about Days or any of the shows. The shows have not done anything for me in several years now to make me want to be. When they deserve my constant positivity concerning them then I will give it to them, but they have to earn it again.

And sorry this Drake thing is a sore point for me. And I am passionate about it. I see other points and I am willing to look at the other sides. But once again I point out that the reason it makes me mad and I feel passionate about it is that you guys are blaming this man and condemning him for something you can't even prove he said. And sorry but with the way you give people like Hogan and even Thaao the benefit of the doubt it is really surprising. Again I think it is because what he said was negative about Days itself which is a stickler with you and something you can't let go. I think that is the reason I am more passionate with you about it is because I see the inconsistency in that with you. You get so angry with people taking what they see about Hogan at face value and calling him a liar, and urge people all the time to give Hogan the benefit of the doubt. You say it can't be Hogan it has to be Corday. Well we don't know that do we. I quit calling Hogan a liar after you pointed that out - out of respect to you and others.

But as you have pointed out here we don't have to. We can read anything into the articles that we want and it is fine.

I have no problem with you ignoring me on the boards. That is your choice. I don't like it. I have never ignored anyone on a message board. I come to boards to discuss what is being said. And to discuss the shows.

I will apologize for my harshness in the way I said what I said before, but I can't apologize for what I actually said. It should have been said in a nicer way. But much of it was a long time coming. I am not angry at you as a person, but I am angry over being made to feel guilty about my opinions. You get so mad at those of us who speak negatively about Days and make us feel bad about it, but yet you feel no shame in calling Y&R trash. But yet you would complain to high heaven if someone said Days was trash.

Everybody has their favorites, and just like you don't like someone calling Days bad or trash or talking negatively about it. I am sure there is a Y&R fan out there who sees the bad stuff on Y&R as good. They might not appreciate you saying that about their show.

Again Phoenix it is not a problem with you as a person, it is the way you make people feel. It is bad to criticize Days but it is okay if you criticize other shows. That is the thing I have the most problem with.

All I ask is if you want the privilege of calling Y&R trash then give everyone else the right if they want to say Days is trash or that Hogan is a hack or even that he is a liar if that is the way they feel - without you coming back with something to make them feel bad for saying it.

You want have to worry about hearing from me anymore in response to your posts. I will honor your request and I will ignore your posts. I will let this be my last say on this issue with you. But I will continue to discuss the issue though with Aremid and Px or whoever wants too. I will not stay out of the Days threads as I once did.

Again I do apologize for being harsh in my post, but I am sorry I can't apologize for what I said - just the way I said it.
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