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I'm starting to wonder if the Lumi fanbase demographic is mostly teenagers, because their scenes are becoming more and more of a teenage sex fantasy. I just can't believe most adults would find those Friday scenes romantic or sexy or anything but cringeworthy. Sami is pregnant with twins, probably just weeks away from delivery, and Lucas is supposed to be recovering from hypothermia. And they are having sex in a hospital bathroom? Who was the scriptwriter Friday? It had to be a teenage intern. I'm not trying to slam teenagers or adults who are Lumi fans, but I just found those scenes so difficult to watch.

Friday's saving grace was EJ and Tony. I loved their scenes, and we needed something to try to get EJ back on track. Ever since that episode where he was on the pier, drunk, he has been written very strangely. The whole freezer truck story and it's aftermath have been a big mess. Tony explaining to Santo how Stefano's mind works was very good, as I think EJ is still struggling to reconcile the reality of Stefano with the benevolent father image he has held on to in the past.

I liked Chelsea again this past week. I was proud of Nick for finally standing up to China Lee. Hopefully, they won't both regress next week, but we are playing personality ping pong lately so who knows?
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