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I am not a Lumi fan, never have been. I always liked Sami, but couldn't stand Lucas so that establishes my pov. Ever since Hogan Sheffer literally threw these two back together in November the duo has become increasingly abhorent. I love humor as much or more than the next viewer, but sophomoric, inane, perennially sexstarved idiots who slurp and giggle through scenes turn my stomach. They just are not romantic or even tolerable. But Friday was absolutely the nadir of Lumi. I was actually repulsed by the scenes. And the dialogue was embarrassing. What really baffles me is BD is 35 and AS is 30, who would ever think adults would behave this way??????? I wonder how they liked doing this crapfest. ETA-Bettina Bradbury was the SW for this crapfest. Why am I not surprised? Every day this woman writes the script and Lumi is in it, I hate it.

Moving on to what was right about Friday...Tony and EJ bonding as brothers. I have longed for a good scene w/these two. Some have wondered if it was actually Andre setting up EJ. I could be wrong, but I do not think so. Andre has this edge even when he is trying to be ingratiating and Tony has this almost carefree attitude concerning the DiMeras. It is like Andre is desperate to secure his place and Tony is glad to be free of the weight of it. Also, Andre has not been at all interested in woman thus far and Tony is a player. I think TP and JS did some great work in those scenes. They gave me hope that what I formerly saw as crazy EJ is to be interpreted as confused, evolving EJ. His new haircut made him seem very much the "little" brother to Tony.

The hospital scenes w/Lumi and EJ were just frustrating. SplitPersonality Sami, wants to stop the feud and is open to a viable solution. Lucas, otoh, was Shouty McYellerson, as usual and brought the whole dicussion down to his usual jr. high level. I look forward to him realizing that EJ was quite correct about Kate. How he could even doubt the plausibility of what EJ said defies logic. He knows his mother better than anyone. As always, I'm impressed by the forebearance EJ has when dealing with Lucas. Even when Lucas is right, he is so obnoxious about it, I tune out.

No kudos for the "Touch My Thighs" sl and all the crap therein. Wish Jett would jet off and never come back, Max would join the grownups and leave the nieces alone and Nick and Chelsea would have a normal budding romance. Clean up Jeremy and send China Lee and her boys on a visit to Hoover Dam. Too much time has been spent on this very lame C story.

The A story is the Feud and the mystery. Let's get on with it.
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