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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Aug 19 2007, 01:30 PM
JSF, my thoughts exactly.  What is going on with Bryan?  Is he secretly going around with Hogey?  That's the best I can come up with.  Bryan in interviews and chats since James came on the show has been very outspoken about Lucas and how he feels the story should be going.  Ejami fans got upset with him more than once when he shot off his mouth about a possible Sami/EJ pairing.  I wonder if he feels threatened.  His fans say he likes to joke around and that's why he has said certain things.  I understand that he has a sense of humor.  Recently he said he would like to be a DiMera, showing a darker side.  I might go along with that seeing that Lucas has been acting like a sex starved teenager for the past months.  As for Sami being in her late pregancy with twins and still being able to bounce around like a school girl, don't get me started. 

When Bryan was recently asked at a fan fest if Lucas was going to be a DiMera he said, 'wait and see.'  After having said that the rumors are that the conditions of the DiMera vendetta may have already been met.  That could mean Lucas is a DiMera. To be fair other rumors say it could be John, which would be more watchable to me since Drake hasn't been front and center for a long time.

I totally agree with others that someone has dropped the ball with EJ.  First we heard about all his childhood memories at Maison Blanche with daddy Stefano.  Then now we hear he grew up in British boarding school.  Silly.  Someone is not keeping track.

I guess this will turn out to be my Sunday bitch post.  But what's up with Tony suddenly being a womanizer?  Tony loved Anna.  Could it be Andre has kidnapped the real Tony again? 

Poor Benjy!  Looks like he is going to be kidnapped and have a piece of his liver taken from him leaving his life in danger.  But spoilers say EJ, through Sami's urging, is going to be the donor for Stefano.  Then the latest spoilers are saying Stefano dies.  WTF is going on? 

Sorry to ramble on.  But Shelle.  Does anyone want to be that Philip's baby is really his and Belle's baby.  We know there were many switches that took place between the whole Philip/Mimi/Shawn/Belle baby story line.  Any one want to bet that EJ switched them back?  Little 'Pocket' could be Philip and Belle's little boy.  Meaning no happiness for Shelle, now or possibly never. 

They're bringing in 3 new actresses for the Chelsea/Stephanie college story?  Who are these girls going to hook up with?  And let's not forget the spumor that Dr Rebert is coming back for revenge on Nick. 

Finally, some spoilers are saying that sweet and angelic Sister novice Colleen has had an affair with Father Mallory.  So she's not even a virgin.  Papa Santo is taking seconds there.  Can things be any more contrived?

OK... I'm dense. Can you spell it out for me what "secretly going around with Hogey" means? I don't want to read something into your post that you don't intend.

But yeah, Bryan has been pretty ridiculous about a lot of things. The EJami fans eat their young comments and their ilk was just so unprofessional and stupid, even if it was a joke, because it ensured that I will never support him on DOOL no matter what. Congrats Bryan. He also comes across kind of whiny or insecure like in that article where he referred to James Scott as "old two-story" and there was a YouTube taped interview of him from the Daytime Emmys bitching about how this British guy was swooping in and taking his wife away.

But most of all, there was also that whole crying wolf about Lucas being written out of the show and the SOS campaign that didn't sit right with me. Because the way it came out so quickly rebutted by the show and the fact that Bryan didn't fire the mod of his web site for leaking that incorrect info made it seem just like a desperate plea for fan mail, jerking his fans around just to help him in contract negotiations or to influence the storyline the way he wanted it to go.

I'm also suspicious if he leaked something to his fans to spur the RINR campaigners into action as that was going on right around that same time. I know some Bryan fans came away from Greenville convinced or claiming to be convinced that Alison Sweeney is totally supportive of their efforts and totally against a romantic pairing of EJ and Sami despite the fact her comments to the press don't really reflect that and she has actually gone out of her way to acknowledge EJami fans more than James Scott has to this point. Hmmm I wonder where and from whom these Lumi fans would get this idea though.

As for whether they are going to go the DiMera route with Lucas, while I suppose that storyline would be more interesting than what we have for the character now and it would mix things up, the fact that Bryan was in the soap mags begging for that story a month or so back (basically campaigning for James Scott's storyline IMO of a DiMera struggling between good and bad) makes me furious. Because if it was intended all along, then Bryan ruined the surprise by opening up his big mouth and putting that idea out there. And if it wasn't intended all along, but only after Bryan started campaigning for it, then it pisses me off because it means that his bitching to the soap mags about wanting that story was ultimately successful. And given his fans are now campaigning for this, if Lucas is written as a DiMera then I just feel like this show is caving to Bryan Datillo fans once again at the expense of all other characters and given I loathe the character of Lucas Roberts and do not have much respect or appreciation for what Datillo brings to the show this would be something that would absolutely cause me to reevaluate whether DOOL is something I want to invest my time in any longer.

BTW, Jonatha... I'm pissed about Tony being written as a womanizer, too. To me, that's just rigging the Tony/Anna/Roman triangle so "average guy" Roman can win just like the destruction of EJ's character last fall was all to rig the EJ/Sami/Lucas triangle so "average guy" Lucas could win. But the Dr. Rebert spumor is only OUT THERE because of that Nick and Chelsea fantroll named Terry who is obsessed with keeping it alive and I'm pretty sure the spoiler about Colleen was just poorly worded and Santo is her one and only.

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