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Just watched Friday...

Overall, the episode was kinda boring.

BUT Kate/Sonny/Diane scenes were AWESOME! Diane is so funny! And so is Kate! I love them! I really love Carolyn Henessy, but I don't think (like some other people do) that Diane should become a bigger role on the show. Because many wonderful supporting characters have been totally destroyed after becoming lead characters. Some characters are just made to be supporting! :D

The rest of the show was pretty boring. Jax/Carly/Jerry/Irina stuff has been sooooo boring since it began. Mostly because it was so repetative. I mean, how many times has Irina raped Jax? How many times has she said that she wants to kill him before Jerry's eyes? How many times has Carly asked Jerry to bring Jax back home? Finally some movement there on monday when Irina and Jerry face off. Hopefully, that won't happen in the end of the episode.

And the forever going saga of Sam/Jason/Liz/Lucky... As much as I loved it in past few weeks, on Friday this storyline was boring as well. Lucky and Sam almost kissing was a bit too fast for me, so I was happy when they didn't kiss. Liz deciding to end things with Lucky angered me, because I want Lucky to dump her! And I hate Emily and Epiphany for supporting Liz in this! I mean, yes, it was JUST A HUG in the courtroom, but please! If any of us saw their loved one hugging a person that they had an affair with, they would be just as pissed as Lucky is! I wish Lucky would use Maxie a bit just to show Liz what she is doing to him. Hopefully those men hurt Liz just to show her that Jason is a criminal!

Jason/Lulu/Spinelli talk was annoying. Now he wants a relationship with Liz. Well go for it! Take her and her kids and leave the country!

But previews for Monday looked good, so I might enjoy Monday a bit more! :D

I just wish they would give us some more storylines. Carly/Jerry/Jax and Liz/Jason/Sam/Lucky has been on frontburner for so long now. I wish we could get a Q family storyline. Or the younger ones get more space. Or Alexis and Ric and Bobbie and Scott and so many other great characters would get more space...
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