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Viewing Single Post From: DAYS: Friday

Aug 19 2007, 05:53 PM
I thought Friday had okay moments. I am still a Lumi fan but not of Sheffer era Lumi. I want old Lumi back. If I can't have that then let them divorce and go their separate ways. This version of Lumi is ruining both characters.

Just please God don't let Sheffer put Sami with her rapist. LOL

The Tony/EJ stuff was the highlight but even it was meh in many ways.

And DOOL fan - just one question. How do you rewrite an adoption???????

Max is not a Brady - he was adopted. How do you rewrite that?????

And I will say I officially hate Max & Stephanie together. I found nothing hot - only disgust. Me thinks me threw up in my mouth a little during that.

These rumors that the conditions to stopping the vendetta are driving me nuts. If it's not Lucas, could Max be a DiMera? :unsure:
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