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Steve Frame
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Aug 19 2007, 02:47 AM
(SteveFrame @ Aug 18 2007, 09:01 PM)
That is the biggest thing I am hoping for Alvin. I just hope Days has the budget to show the sets. I have wondered if that is why we don't see Basic Black anymore.

DAYS owns their sets, and are permanant. The non-permanent sets, which are only used for story purposes are 'swing" sets. :)

Swing Sets -
Java Cafe
Salem Inn
The Cheating Heart
St. Luke's
The Blue Note
Salem Airport

Permanant Sets-
University Hospital
Alice's Place
Salem Police Dept.
Horton House
DiMera Mansion/Chez Rouge
Ej's Apartment
Sami's Apartment
Brady House/Pub
Kiriakis Mansion
Bo & Hope's House
Carver House
Mickey & Maggie's House (Was Nancy & Craig's House)

Marlena's Penthouse (Currently not in use)
Roman's House (Currently not in use)
Lockhart House (Currently not in use)
The Loft (Currently not in use)

I will never understand fully all the goings on behind the scenes and not sure I even want too. But I can't figure out if shows own these sets why they don't use them. I guess it has something to do with the people that have to get them ready or something.

But sets are just as much an identity for characters as the character's wardrobe, etc.

They define the character and the show. That is just like on The Edge of Night it was always hard to buy the Whitneys as being majorly wealthy because their mansion set was so badly done.

I hate that Days apparently owns these sets and so much of the action takes place in very few locations these days.

I miss the loft alot. That set was an elaborate set, but I loved the goings on there. I miss the Kirikis mansion and the Penthouse and so many others. Days had some of the best sets around.
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