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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Aug 19 2007, 05:53 PM
I thought Friday had okay moments. I am still a Lumi fan but not of Sheffer era Lumi. I want old Lumi back. If I can't have that then let them divorce and go their separate ways. This version of Lumi is ruining both characters.

Just please God don't let Sheffer put Sami with her rapist. LOL

OK... can't let this go... even if I should...

Just out of curiosity, Steve, what era made you a Lumi fan? Were you wanting them together during the original quad days or came to like them during I think it was Higley's time? I was never really a Lumi fan per se, definitely not during the quad or during their feuding period just purely always a Sami fan, but I admit I did want Sami to marry him the first two times Lucas jilted her at the altar. The reason I ask is because Lucas and Sami's history isn't all wine and roses either so I just don't understand people that are really into Lumi but hate EJami because of the rape/extorting sex when Lucas tried to kill Sami and almost let her die for a crime he committed (just to name a few of the horrible things they did to each other) so it's not like he's some boy scout either. I mean I'm sure the rape/extorting sex is not the only reason you don't want Sami with EJ, but when I see Lumi fans put it like oh don't let Sami be with her rapist it just comes across a bit unfair to me and as an EJami fan I feel like it is Sami's history with Lucas that demonstrates exactly why it's plausible this extremely dysfunctional, self-destructive character could come to fall in love with the man she should hate. But I guess we all have our favorites and that colors how we view things. I know it does for me.

These rumors that the conditions to stopping the vendetta are driving me nuts. If it's not Lucas, could Max be a DiMera?

I'll start going nuts that the ending the feud conditions have been met already when I see this reported somewhere other than DaysCafe. Has anywhere else elaborated on this or was there another source that DaysCafe ripped it off from? Because if so I hadn't seen that.

If this is true, my first instinct is the Lucas could be a DiMera crap is coming unfortunately.

But some other ideas that pop into my head not knowing exactly what is in the folio are that:
-if it has something to do with Brady-DiMera children it could be revealed EJ is actually the father of Sami's twins/Andre or Stefano switched the results at the hospital to say Lucas was the father so they could keep the feud going
-Somehow the Roman/Anna/Tony triangle could come into play with this as wasn't Anna a Brady before she married a DiMera?

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