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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Aug 19 2007, 07:09 PM
Aremid, I am just tired of the reformed rapists getting the lady of their dreams stories. It has been done too often and the only couples that got created out of it that I liked were Bill & Laura on Days and Luke & Laura on GH in the longrun. They were truly reformed and felt bad for what happened because the writers did it so well.

I have hated Todd & Blair from day one. she is not the one he raped but the writers have never reformed Todd enough for me on OLTL to make me like him or feel sorry for him. I am the same with EJ.

I don't know if you remember on SON but I was a big EJ fan and loved him with Sami. I was even hoping on the day that Sami was supposed to go marry Austin that she would run off with him. Oh I wanted EJami so bad, but when he raped her that did it for me and when they made EJ the new super and put him in every single story and all that stuff with him the one who oversaw Steve's brainwashing. EJ became another Todd Manning to me, and I don't know if I can ever like him again.

It will take a writer like Bill Bell or Douglas Marland or Pat Falken Smith to do it. Sheffer doesn't have the chops to do it. It would definitely help if they would decide which way they want to go with EJ and quit bouncing back and forth.

As to Lumi, I became a Lumi fan when they were writing Sami to be the next Julie and involved Julie so much in the Lucas and Sami story. They kept so much of their original characteristics, and Sami was growing some but wasn't so boring. They were dealing with all the issues of their past and using it to show why they couldn't really trust each other. And all that was part of it. They used Julie's past some to show that Sami could reform just like Julie did. I think that was under Higley that all that started taking place, but even JER knew how to write Lumi using their past and all as part of an obstacle to them.

I just don't think Hogan and his staff know how to write them. They want SAmi as the heroine so don't feel they can write as having flaws anymore but Sami will always have flaws. Rachel on AW was turned into a heroine but she still had flaws. Even Julie after her transformation made big mistakes. And neither one of them became insipid crybabies.

I mean even though Lucas and Sami love each other their past should always be part of their relationship. Based on all they went through together, for Lucas to just all of a sudden fully believe everything Sami says or vice versa without any doubts whatsover is not even remotely what it should be. Sure the couple should find one another in the end, but with their pasts there should be some doubt. It is only realistic.

So that is when I became a fan of Lumi when they started to truly become friends at first, and started to forgive one another. Even as bad as JER and Higley were they could make me believe that. But so far I just don't buy EJ's redemption at all because they don't stick with it. And I just don't want to see another rapist getting the lady story either. So both come into play.

Thanks for the extremely insightful and extensive response that gave me a lot better idea where you are coming from.

As for how you felt about EJami pre-rape/sex extortion, I was not aware of any of that as I am still a fairly new poster at SON so I did not know you used to be a big EJ fan and obviously I'm totally with you on wishing EJ and Sami could have started a great romance when the Saustin wedding fizzled.

And it's reading posts like this that make me HATE Hogan Sheffer even more than I did before (which I wasn't sure possible) for the way he so cavalierly tossed aside all the great things the writers under Beth did last summer and for the fact that he could so carelessly toss so much potential away to ruin EJ in so many people's eyes and for what? One melodramatic episode, a chance to backburner John, a perverse who's the daddy twist, a couple months of Steve being crazy boring us all to tears and to prop Lumi? To me, that's the part that irks me the most of all and makes it impossible for me to ever support Lumi in any fashion. I think it was a cheap ploy to stamp out the EJami fanbase with a troubling storyline that wasn't writing the characters true to who they were and obviously it hugely backfired and that's why they are backpedaling like crazy, but the maddening part of it all is that it wouldn't have been necessary at all if Hogan wasn't such an idiot and he had actually watched the show he was given the chance to write. If he wanted to do Lumi, fine, he could have had a little patience before dropping the stinkbombs on EJami rather than throwing Lucas and Sami back together immediately. He could have had EJ be shady while he was romancing Sami but have Sami not find out and then let Lucas expose EJ's DiMera roots perhaps as another Sami wedding was about to go off and then she could leave with Lucas and Lumi fans would get a legit reason to compare their couple to Bo and Hope. If they wanted to prolong the triangle they could have easily allowed Sami to get pregnant right after this and not know who the father was and have Sami have to make a real choice of which man she wanted to be with rather than having that choice made for her by that man's actions and the who's the daddy plot wouldn't have the ick factor of rape/sex extortion attached to the children's conception that I think was a big part of turning off DOOL viewers the first part of the year.

But no... Sheffer was obsesed with his "ultimate sacrifice" crap because he's decided since Sami had been a bad girl for so long she needed to be punished and weakened and tamed and victimized before she was allowed to get any happiness in a relationship with a man and those things also had to happen for saintly Lucas to ever lower himself to ever take her back and agree to be with her and the thing is I think he's still pulling this crap now to punish Sami if he goes ahead with the possible plot of unrecognizably unselfish Sami still playing the martyr to her family by possibly marrying EJ to end the feud to make up for all the bad things she's done in the past. It's just all so obnoxious.
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