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Aug 19 2007, 07:05 PM
Aug 19 2007, 07:40 PM
days of our lives has the best opening, it has always had the best opening. Days will always keep that hourglass with McDonald Carrey voice. Even if they move networks, Corday will not get rid of that even on ABC.

Can you guys try to picture the ABC version of the DOOL opening? I can picture all this sand flying everywhere (think desert storm) with bright/contrast effected cast shots. :D

I would love that! I hate the current Days opening.

My thoughts on all the openings...

AMC has the best, IMO. The music is great and so are the cast shots. It really gets you excited about the show.

ATWT is also great...I don't get what people think is so bad about it. I wish that more of the cast was featured, but the song is neat and I like the pairs (except I'm thinking they'll eventually make it Noah/Luke and Alison/Aaron).

B&B is okay...it doesn't suck but I don't think it's the best. It's a nice showcase of the cast.

DAYS, as I said, I don't like at all. I would love for it to have cast shots in it. Maybe starting with the original hourglass and music and then the music suddenly gets upbeat as the sand continues to pour past the characters faces. It would probably begin with Sami and end with like....Hope, Bo, Marlena, or John.

GH is a bit too flashy, but I like the music and I would like it if they just cleaned it up a little bit.

GL SUCKS! Worst one out of all of them, which is dumb because their last one that they had was my favorite out of all the soaps. I miss that theme music.

OLTL is okay. I preferred the blue one they had a few years ago.

PSSNS is good. I love the theme song, but like Days, I wish there were shots of cast members...this one would probably begin with Theresa and end with Tabitha.

Y&R would be good if they would add more cast members.
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