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Aug 19 2007, 09:56 PM
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Aug 19 2007, 09:42 PM
I would agree that Hogan loves Chelsea and Nick hence the fact that he devotes so much airtime to them. Nonetheless, I don't see them together for long. I see Hogan throwing in a Chelsea and Jett fling soon, especially with China Lee in the picture now.

if that happens then i will stop watching, WHAT i cant believe i just said that lol. but if they split nick and chelsea, the best and cutest thing in daytime i will scream and i will head to hogan's office and complain lol.

well they are the second best thing in daytime, EJ AND SAMI are #1, have been and always will.

how can hogan split these 2 up, they have undeniable chemistry and they are cute together. How can china lee be in the picture she is going to jail. NO i hate jett carver, i hate him more then jeremy. OMG he better not put chelsea with jett. BTW Jett is the worst cop in the world.

nick and chelsea is one couple hogan better not mess with. thank god we dont have jerK because he would have chelsea with jett by now. Hogan should not mess with CHICK, they should have a nice cuddlefest at bope's house watching a nice movie and making out u know stuff like that.

Hey, here's a question, Terry....why are you calling JER JERk? You seem to like more of his stuff than you didn't like. Why do you have to be cruel about the man who probably gave you more good stories than any other head writer?

And another thing-- if JER were writing, there wouldn't even be a Jett (or a Nick for that matter)...and no touch the sky. *sigh* If only...

because James reilly wrote patrick lockheart to come between Bo and Hope. Heck he was the one who had hope and patrick make love. NO ONE gets between my bo and hope and gets away with it.lol you are right, i did enjoy most of Jer's writing especially the salem stalker and Salem Island and IRAQ. OMG u wont believe how much i loved those 3 storys especially iraq.

here are my top 10 storys of all time:

1. Salem Stalker
2. Salem Island
3. Iraq
4. The Last Blast/high school drama
5. Colleen and Santo/ Brady vs Dimera
6. Touch the sky
7. The serect room
8. Marlenas possesson
9. Tropical Temptation
10. the pimping of Rex and Mimi

Oh dear. All because of Patrick Lockhart you hate JER? That makes no sense. Just like Chelsea and Nick are Hogan's rooting couple, Bope was ALWAYS Jer's rooting couple...just like Jarlena. Just because a writer lets things come between couples doesn't mean he doesn't care about the couple and intend for them to eventually be happy.
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