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Aug 19 2007, 10:07 PM
As big a JER fan I am, I feel a certain responsibility to defend him, so here it goes...

What was he supposed to do with Mimi and Rex when Eric Winter wanted to leave?  Writing Rex out was much easier than recasting. 

Max and Chelsea were JER's rooting couple....Stephanie was an obstacle.

And so what if he kept Shawn and Belle apart for a while?  He put them back together and ALWAYS made sure fans saw things between them-- they had about a gazillion rooftop meetings behind Phillip, Jan, and Mimi's backs.  And you're forgetting that Hogan kept Shelle apart for a while too.  And now that they're together, they're boring as hell.

i rather have stephanie or max be an obstaical for nick and chelsea then Jettloser, shawn and belle basically has no story.
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