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I TiVo'd Thursday and Friday's episodes and just watched them last night.

Wow. I was bawling, haha. I loved every second of each episode. Really well put together. It felt like old-school soap opera. It also proved why Cord, Max, Joey, Kevin and Alex STILL have a place on this show and need to come back.

Todd was in classic, rare form.

LOVED Robert S. Woods. Wow, he REALLY impressed me. When he gets good material he SHINES.

It also showed just how UNDERUSED Renee is :( And we'll probably not see her for months.

I actually felt sorry for Sarah. Go figure ...

John Loprieno didn't get a lot to do but it was great to see Cord back.

Loved the randomness that was Alex. LMAO. Loved how she overheard Max and Nigel and called around to find David Vickers.
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