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I do not think the current incarnation of ATWT is capable of telling a great story from beginning, through middle to the end. They just haven't done it in years and years. If that's what we're judging stories on then they all have to be rated low. I'm judging this one on how much I enjoy watching and discussing it and that's more than any story in a long time.

As to knowing there would be a Nuke in advance, is there EVER a casting on any soap where we don't know who the character will hook up with in advance. This is not different in any way. Anyone who reads spoilers will always know. That's like blaming the fact that you read spoilers as the one of the reasons you didn't enjoys.

ATWT of the past few years tends to start a story well then limp to the finish line. I think this one will be the opposite, especially after they see the incredible buzz generated over the past few days.

At least if the show if off the air in a year, they can be proud they went forward with the kiss and the storyline in general.
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