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'As the World Turns' Actor Talks About His Career and His Character

Van Hansis, Emmy-nominated actor who plays Luke Snyder on the long-running soap As the World Turns, occasionally spends his time reading his fan sites and celebrity blogs. Most recently, he has revealed some things about his career and his character on the show as he tried to satisfy his fans' curiosity.

A 25-year-old native of Greenfield, Massachusetts, Hansis joined As the World Turns in 2005 to take over the role of Luke from Jake Weary. Shortly after, his character came out as a gay man with Noah Mayer (Jake Silberman) as his love interest.

When asked what it's like to do intimate scenes with Silberman, Hansis described it as “the battle of the stubble.”

“Jake is cool though, so I would rather have them develop the Luke/Noah thing than bring someone new in. It might be cool if they brought Kevin [Karl Girolamo] back though as a twist,” he wrote on his blog on CBS' website.

Although he has not disclosed anything specific about his character's plot or what's in store for Luke and Noah, he hints that something huge is about to happen.

“Watch what's happening for Luke in the next few months. Big stuff. Big, big stuff and I'm pretty excited to play it,” Hansis revealed.

Part of why fans continue to adore the character Luke is because of Hansis' portrayal, which he claims is inspired by an old friend of his.

Meanwhile, Hansis admits that he's open to explore other opportunities aside from his work on As the World Turns.

“I just want to be a working actor. I love New York, so ideally I'd like to stay here if I could. However, I also love television as a medium, so I want to explore that, too. I will never give up theater, but it's a reality that if you don't sing or dance, making a living in theater can be tough. As far as big budget blockbusters, who knows? They wouldn't be what I would actively seek out, but if one happens for me, I wouldn't be against it,” he added.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: CBS
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