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Steve Frame
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Mine are (in this order). I can depend on a laugh whenever I need it from these shows.

1) Golden Girls
2) Reba
3) Mama's Family (will always love it)
4) M*A*S*H
5) Married with Children
6) Will & Grace
7) All in the Family
8) The Jeffersons
9) Designing Women
10) Seinfeld
11) Cheers
12) Friends
13) Happy Days
14) I Love Lucy
15) the old Burns & Allen Show (Gracie Allen never gets the praise that woman deserves)
16) Three's Company
17) Two and a Half Men (the only current sitcom worth 2 cents IMO)
18) Mister Ed
19) Alice
20) Beverly Hillbillies

There are some others that I enjoy occassionally but these are tops for me.
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