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After all... tomorrow is another day!

This got posted on the SOD web site in case any folks are interested...

Protecting the Earth: Great Scott!

By Janet Di Lauro

Green is the new black, environmentally speaking, as more celebrities lend their names to causes that save energy, stop pollution and protect our planet.

And DAYS OF LIVES' James Scott (EJ) is determined to do his part. Scott is a co-founder of Urth Solution, a company that helps developing markets capitalize on their natural resources in an environmentally friendly way.

"I was thinking about doing something like this for a few years," says Scott, noting, "It's good to carry some sort of certification of being Green. I thought I'd try and find a company that would help communities in resource-rich areas to be able to harness those resources in a sustainable way then sell them for a premium to the West. It's basically about helping communities help themselves. 'Trade not aid.'"

So Urth Solution was born a year ago. "People have been very receptive to it," smiles Scott. "Urth Solution helps communities in developing countries find ways to address social, environmental and humanitarian issues."

Scott just got back from Bolivia on behalf of the company. "Basically, we find communities that are rich in natural-asset wealth," he explains. "In Bolivia, we found a community that has a lot of gold. So we're investing in a program to help the residents of that community mine the gold in an environmentally sustainable way, so that we can generate profits for the community."

Urth Solutions currently has projects in Bolivia and Madagascar. Scott hopes to branch out even further. "I'm going to Mongolia in September," notes the actor. "I have been asked by World Bank to go and give a small presentation on my company, which they see as being a fairly good model for progressive businesses."

Scott couldn't agree more.
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