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Steve Frame
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I love the sounds of the changes. I am still hoping that he will not necessarily interfere with the writing but tighten it up. Get the staff together to clear up some of inconsistencies which are very apparent when one day EJ says he didn't rape Sami and 2 days later he says he did. That is one example. Just needs a little more oversight. And I hope that he will take the time to urge Hogan to do better balance in not just who he writes for but the quality of the story he writes for them. That is where the balance is hurting right now.

Days needs better execution but it also needs tightening up and tweeking as far as certain things go in the writing. And I agree with Alvin - more EJ, more Sami, more Nick and more Chelsea are only ways to make the ratings go further down instead of up.

Days finally has good writing and it sounds like lots better production values. Spread the wealth around and let some of these stars who have been faithful and loyal enjoy it and let fans who love them enjoy it even more too.
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