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Jinxed Soul
Aug 20 2007, 09:43 PM
No, you can't say that for a fact, just like I can't say DAYS will end for sure. I myself love DAYS and wouldn't want to see it end, but I have to face reality. I find myself hardly even watching the show anymore. Beyond a doubt, there are many great weeks where the show really picks up and an awesome storyline pops up. Then, there are other times when its slow-paced and really boring. More disappointmets are coming then good things. DAYS has lost so many viewers, and appears to be running out of NEW and UNIQUE material.

well i will never stop watching days, i haven't since i started watching in 1994 since i was 4. I got every and i mean EVERY episode since 1994. I have never missed an episode ok i did but i dvr it, and it was the day after Sami's wedding of this year when Stephanie was in the hospital. I only dvr it when i have to when my gram or pap wont be home or i wont. When i am in school, my gram tapes it for me, i am not that big of fan of DVR. I will not believe days is going to end. We all know hogan can write look at last fall and winter, for some reason i look for the same thing to happen to fall and winter.

but i am not going to believe days is going to end in 2009, they could leave NBC but Brain Fronz always waited to get his hands on days to ABC. I for one, would not want to see days in Fronz hands, he could turn days into another GH with the DiMeras. That is the reason why i stopped watching GH TOO MUCH SONNY AND JASON. Plus Fronz will do away with the hourglass and put the cast in it. I would hate to see ABC opening for days, like someone said it could be sand all over the screen with some music and the cast.

Days is not going off the air. We will see in 2009 and i bet i will have the last laugh :lol:
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