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Steve Frame
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Yep and you can add Kim Zimmer, Michael Easton, Alicia Minshew, Alexa Havins and others to that list. They all are bashed by fans of their shows because of the airtime they get. The writers put them front and center because they like them and like to write for them, but they make fans hate them. Not every fan but a large number of them. It stirs up jealousy factors for fans who's favorites are being slighted. For many of them it causes the actor to become cocky.

Katie used to be one of the favorite characters on ATWT as well as Gwen, but now they are two of the most hated because the writers have let them take over every story.

I will be so glad when the writers and TPTB realize that a balancing out of characters would be more beneficial to the shows in so many ways.

1) There would be no feelings of jealousy between fan bases which dominate the soap world today. Soaps of old used to maintain a lead character without letting them dominate the screen time.

2) Stories won't get as stale as they are not featured everyday. How do you think Days kept the Doug & Julie story going for 6 years before they actually married them off. They first made love in 1970 and didn't get together until 1976. They did feature them everyday. They ran several stories front and center during this time: Bill/Laura/Mickey/Maggie; Greg and Susan; Tom's heart problems as he dealt with knowing about Mike; and several other b stories during this time too.

3) And as Rick has pointed out, the budget would be balanced. Right now they pay actors to do nothing, and then pay some more than they are guaranteed. So they pay the extra money out for using people more than they should, and pay people money for doing nothing.

And the most important thing is all fans would find something in the show to identify with or a character to identify with. Not all fans would be happy but more would be happy than complaining.
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