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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Aug 20 2007, 09:31 PM
i think there is only one head writer that can save days and that is hogan sheffer, he works great with a great production team, look at his work at ATWT, didnt they have a great production team. With ed scott in and his changes start august 31 or mid september, hogan writing will get alot better. I dont know how people can compare hogan and Reilly, Days is actually a soap now and not a cartoon. Under reilly days was a cartoon during Salem Island with magnetic floors and everything but i did enjoy salem island. I did enjoy most of reilly storys and i am enjoying hogan storys too, but days is actually a soap now and not a cartoon, passions is a soapy cartoon lol. Hogan has better Dialogue, the show isnt taken up by flashbacks every 5 mins lol. yea :)

LOL... what an original thought. If only I hadn't heard Kenny post basically this exact same thing earlier today (down to the magnetic floors), except more coherently and with better grammar.


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