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I'm not liking (in a good way, dramatically), the sexual vibes between Vix and Fox. I mean something STRANGE is going on there.

ET wedding -- they actually acted, wrote and produced the PERFECT wedding -- with a JUSTICE OF THE PEACE. Who knew?! It was perfect? From the looks from one person to another, to the "stop!" teasers -- to the INCREDIBLE flashback sequence (remember when "Passions" did these every week the first year?! :lol: I hope we can get more!) it was PERFECTION. I'm keeping this episode.

As for Alistair, John Reilly scared the SHIT out of me. He's good!

As for Fox and Esme, PLEASE let them get down to business already (and again, SHAME on you "passions" for firing Mark Cameron; his chemistry with Esme's portrayer; nope, still don't know her name -- is INCREDIBLE and RAW HOT).

As for Pretty calling Sher a true Crane? Pot, meet kettle. Sorry, Pretty, but a true innocent would forgive and forget. That's taking the high road. Instead, you're a bitter BITCH who'd rather ruin Fancy's life while you misinterpret what ACTUALLY happened. (Still love you though).

meanwhile, Fancy, why run away from Luis? If he were
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