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Viewing Single Post From: PSNS NEWS: 5 Murders, New Villian, A Nude Beach

First of all, that "nude beach" line threw me for a loop. Is it just me, or is this not the JER I knew and loved? I'm not quite complaining, but from the past two years of "passions" (Jessica whoring, the Lucy sting operation; all the rapes; now this), he just has gotten REALLY, REALLY dirty and shameless.

Perhaps his stories fooled me early on. Maybe he is this way. But a guy who has St. Margaret Mary's as his official charity, names the church on his show after that and has all these stories about redemtion and grace under fire and faith, hope, love, etc etc... it seems the line is being blurred from playful or even spicy storytelling to out-and-out obscenity. Granted, I won't complain too much if the nude beach (is real and) turns true, lol, but I can't help thinking this is just NOT the same JER from 99-2001. The mature tone that is being set may even clash with long-time fans. I don't know.

Anyway, I think the murderess is Pilar. The signs are already there. She (even if time turned back) cursed God, didn't even BAT AN EYELASH that Theresa and Ethan got married without an annulment from the Catholic church (that is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not Pilar), and what's left? Mass murder.
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