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John Reilly rocks. Al is a cruel son of a bitch but as long as we don't see a rape explosion, with him leading the charge, I'm cool. Philip Jeanmarie was fantastic today. Great scenes. I hate that Al was behind all this. I just knew he would be in the back of my mind but it comes off as yet another copout.

Fancy/Luis/Sheridan/Pretty was so stupid but classic JER. Fancy doesn't even wait around to hear Luis say something? Come on. Is it too much to get a realistic misunderstanding at the very least? Oh, and memo to JER. I like Seward but Pretty sucks. She has no purpose and her story is lame. Can her.

Fix/Esme have good chemistry but Wystrach is so bad he brings the scenes down. Cardillo is a gem and I love her silent niece :lol: . Good stuff.

Gwen and Rebecca were funny. Kay and Miguel made me want to vomit. Chad/Whitney are also sickening with their longing looks.

The ET wedding sucked until we got the montage. That salvaged it and even then I was meh because they couldn't use classic stuff with Travis not there. After 8 years, we don't even get to see the whole wedding? No vows? it was all so rushed and that is not a payoff. I was happy to see Theresa's dream come true finally. It really makes things full circlle. It's also great to see Lindsey have her spark back as Theresa. She looked so happy but I was disappointed. Good ending though.

Not a bad Monday episode.
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