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Aug 20 2007, 07:49 PM
I don't think a show ever reaches the "too late" mark until the axe has fallen.

No one knows what's going to happen really. The ratings are all so close maybe DAYS will be #3 by next summer. Or maybe it'll get canceled even if it hits #3 again anyway? Or maybe Jeff Zucker will get fired next week, and it will get renewed?

I would say it's not too late until the pink slip is signed.

I agree. I think the show can realistically get to 2nd or 3rd because of where B&B and GH are now. I think Days can reach a 2.6-2.7 if it gets things straightened out. I'm not sure about higher then that.

I agree with Kenny too in that it can be said at the very least the show is a normal soap again. It's grounded and not some punchline to a joke. The addition of Ed Scott only helps matters in that regard. I just want improved balance, execution, music, feel and look, and tighter writing.

I know Days will last past 2009. Where is anyone's guess. I am thinking Soapnet right now but who knows. I just can't buy NBC being as supportive as we heard in the articles of late, unless it's a pathetic attempt on Days and NBC to reverse what that statement did.

I know about the Olympics but does anyone know how long that break is? It sounds lengthy and it worries me but I have not heard the exact length of the break yet.
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