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Aug 20 2007, 09:31 PM
i think there is only one head writer that can save days and that is hogan sheffer, he works great with a great production team, look at his work at ATWT, didnt they have a great production team. With ed scott in and his changes start august 31 or mid september, hogan writing will get alot better. I dont know how people can compare hogan and Reilly, Days is actually a soap now and not a cartoon. Under reilly days was a cartoon during Salem Island with magnetic floors and everything but i did enjoy salem island. I did enjoy most of reilly storys and i am enjoying hogan storys too, but days is actually a soap now and not a cartoon, passions is a soapy cartoon lol. Hogan has better Dialogue, the show isnt taken up by flashbacks every 5 mins lol. yea :)

Ah, relax. There are just some people who can't accept another writer than Reilly. I'm glad he's gone and while Hogie hasn't been perfect, his work's been pretty darn good. I suspect his main problem was Corday, which should be taken care of with Ed Scott coming over as EP.

All the Reilly apologists are gone from the show including Roy Steinberg and Stephen Wyman. I'm ready to move on.

On an unrelated note, I gotta start posting more on this board. All the familiar SON names are over here... :D
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