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I couldn't BELIEVE that ET montage that they showed!!!!! It was gorgeous. Passions has got to do more of these before the show ends. The last time I remember one was last year in Rome, Gwen destroyed Theresa's cell phone to get rid of the proof that she and JT were in cahoots and said something like "After all of these years, I finally win" and then the song "Why Can't We Be Friends?" started playing and there was a montage of all of their fights. It was great. :lol:

But anyway, back to today's episode...

I don't feel let down at all that Alistair was behind it. I'm just happy to have him back. John Reilly is flawless as a villain. I hope he sticks around and doesn't "die" again for a long time.

And I agree with all those who love what Mac's doing with Sheridan. I've always loved her and Sheridan and now is no change. She is rockin it.

Gwen and Rebecca were hilarious. I think my favorite scene (next to the ET montage) was when they came busting out of the bathroom and Chad tried to grab Gwen, but Rebecca shoved him away. :lol:
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