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Aug 21 2007, 01:09 AM
That's also interesting the mention of Beijing. How the heck can Days survive that? Especially when NBC doesn't really promote the show all that much. I'm not interested in the Olympics at all (not patriotic enough, don't so much care which anorexic teenager does the best flips on a beam...), but that's going to be a long break. They'll need a helluva cliffhanger to even have a chance.

Man, forget the cliffhanger on the show. The BIG cliffhanger will be whether or not the affiliates will pick DAYS back up when it returns from the Olympics in Late August. I'm willing to bet my testicles that NBC will sabotage DAYS like this, forcing it into early cancellation(as low ratings did with EDGE/PGP/ABC) or driving its ratings so low where no one will want to pick up the show when the NBC contract is done.

NBC will probably encourage it unless the ratings show significant gain by May Sweeps and stays there. And I'm not talking about a 0.1 gain the households or 100,000 household viewers. I'm talking between half-a-million to one million viewers. The big question is whether or not DAYS can do it.

If the damage is already done, I say no way. If the show can be salvaged through great storytelling(and not good storytelling that kept Hoagie coasting on cruise control all summer) and a better use of production values, then I say it will have a good chance. If it's gonna be a rehash of what we're seeing now...God help us!
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