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Miss Rhi
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Sorry these are late, I've been sick and wasn't able to post these particular spoilers before now......

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Adrian returns from Prague with a gift for Colleen: an antique necklace. While they are discussing his trip, he lets it slip to Colleen that he was upset the museum chose a painting over him. Colleen realizes that Brad donated a painting to the same museum in exchange for their not hiring Adrian Logan. She tells Brad that she is leaving Genoa City and that she is going to be working with Doctors Without Borders. Jill tells Ji Min that she was up all night brainstorming ideas for how to blow Jabot and Katherine out of the water with their new company. When Jill confronts Jack for the truth, he responds that Ji Min would have to have been an idiot to not know what was going on, and Jill knows he is a smart. Furious and hurt, Jill ends their engagement. Sharon lets it slip to Neil that she thinks she may be falling back in love with Nick. The day of her sentencing hearing arrives, and Phyllis asks Nick not to come. Nick tells her that if she does go to jail, he won't divorce her and then he kisses her deeply.

SNEAK PEEK: Phyllis heads to prison.
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