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Ummmmm, maybe I'm dense but what does that have to do with the EJ dies spoiler?

Saying it is a possibility that it isn't really EJ that dies.

And I don't know where you read the stuff about the person claiming they saw Cindi Rinehart say that, but I know there was a link at the EJami fan site to the NBC thread where this poster claimed that's what she said and other posters who saw the report refuted she said any such thing so the whole thing was written off as bunk. Yeah you could see his tattoo barely when the sleeve of his suitcoat rode up a little bit, but I don't think the closeup on his arm had anything to do with showcasing the tattoo, it was showing his hands and the gloves locking up his ice truck.

Oh, ok. I didn't see the original post about it. The only thing I read about this is what I posted above.
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