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The week is finally here when i always make my Fall Prediction. Last year i was 40% right lol. What are your prediction?

* How Colleen died will be revealed in the early part of September. I think ether Shawn Sr was aiming to shoot Santo but Colleen got in the way and Shawn sr Shot Colleen instead. Or another way Colleen could have died, was that Shawn Sr Rigged a truck the run down Santo after luring him into a trap. Colleen shes santo is about to get run over by the truck, so she pushes him out of the way and gets hit by the truck.

* Salem University classes begin this fall and Belle, Chelsea and Stephanie all attend. All 3 join a sorority but they find out it isn't all fun and games. I look for someone to get attacked, raped and get into trouble really bad if the rumor is true. I also think chelsea and Stephanie will begin getting stalked with in the middle their love ones getting hurt, Nick and Jeremy.

* Three 3 deaths happens and its apart of the Brady vs Dimera. Andre will be the first one to kill a Brady and it will be Shawn Sr. I can't say what he does, i am betting on a "another bomb" or some drug that makes him have a fatal heart attack. EJ will be the 2nd death in the brady vs Dimera but all is not what it seems, everyone will think EJ is dead but he isn't. He paid someone off to kill him, so he can come up with a plan to get Sami and take down Andre, or another possible way is that the ej we are seeing is not ej but an inposter, pretending to be the real EJ. Andre could be a possible death along with John Black, what bigger death then John in the brady vs Dimera Fued. Bo and Hope will also be heavly featured this fall along with John and Marlena.

* I also think Sami will get kidnapped by the imposter ej and taken away out of salem to a castle or something. The real Ej escapes and warns the citizen of salem, him and Lucas goes on an adventure in search for Sami. The real EJ and the Fake EJ go head to Head and Fight.

* Abby returns to town and wants a relationship with Max, so the fall we will see Max and Abby relationship growing.

* Steve and Kayla cont to raise pocket until someone tips Philip off with the location of his child. He goes there and sees steve and kayla with pocket. This fall philip will try and kidnap him, order people to do it but steve protects pocket from them by kicking the crap out of them. It will end in a BIG custody battle for little tyler kiriakis.

* Nick would be still cont raising china lee's children. I predict we get more disturbing news that someone is setting Nick up so he could take all his energy and attention off of Chelsea and focus on China Lee Children, so it would be alot easier to kidnap Chelsea. Someone paid China lee to go to nick, marry him and pay off the cops or get herself arrested so nick would be stuck with her children.

* Shawn and Belle will cont fight and battle until there wedding day lol.
* Bo and Hope would be heavly involve in the brady vs dimera and going on adventure.

Whats your prediction? There here it is, i deleted the one in the ballroom

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