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Fall/Winter Predictions


Shawn Sr dies, Caroline becomes so depressed that she refuses to come downstairs to the Pub. (which works great because she's been fired anyway) Offscreen Caroline gives the Pub to Chelsea and Stephanie, who turn it into a dance club named Pub Metro

Jeremy moves into Maggie and Mickey house when they move out to go and live with Alice to take care of her. (works great because now they can use Maggie's house and the Teens and not have to worry about paying Rogers to be there or address the fact that Mickey is never on) Alice and Maggie are not seen until Christmas. Mickey can't be there for the hanging of ornaments because he's working on a case. Jeremy & Max turn the house into brothel and become pimps.

Victor dies of a heart attack after a sex romp with China Lee. Phillip takes over Titan, and hires Shawn and Belle. Shawn becomes a photographer and hires a few new models, making Belle jealous. Phillip and Belle grow closer because Shawn is always working. Shawn becomes attracted to Mia (new model/new character) and the two start dating. Chloe returns (with a recast Brady) and wants Phillip back.

Sami, Lucas, and EJ move into the Dimera Mansion after they all agree to have a thresome. Since they both love her, she has decided to be with them both.

Will returns from Baseball camp (with a secret) as a 6'2" stud with huge muscles and blonde hair. He brings his friend Jeff with him (another newbie) Will's holding a big secret...He's GAY! :o

Tony and Anna leave for Paris and are never mentioned again.

Steve and Kayla set off on a cruise around the world.

Stefano is regulated to a monthly appearance since he's so sick. EJ keeps him upstairs under Rolf's care 24/7

Billie and Kate also have their monthly scenes in which Kate bitches about Sami, and Billie bitches about not being able to find someone.

Bo and Hope are living quietly at home with Ciara, popping up once in a while to make sure Shawn is okay.

Abe, Roman, and John are seldom on, and when they are it's at the cop shop and they are waiting for Stefano to make another move.

Marlena is stripped of her medical liscense due to a malpractice suit, and is forced to work at the Hudson Street diner. She's on a few times a month, when Belle orders takeout.

Doug and Julie cannot attend the Horton Christmas, but they send a letter to be read by Sami
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