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Van Hansis: Expect "Big, big stuff"in the next few months

Just as I'm enjoying four consecutive days of seeing Van Hansis on As the World Turns, Hansis puts a cherry on top with the latest entry on his CBS.com blog (a blog that, annoyingly, lacks permalinks). Hansis, fresh off his history-making kiss, takes questions from fansite VanHansis.net and answers them at his blog, displaying humor, a bit of charm, and more than a bit of humility. Here are a few choice answers:

On Luke Snyder's (his ATWT character) future:
Watch what's happening for Luke in the next few months. Big stuff. Big, big stuff and I'm pretty excited to play it.

On his dream casting for Luke's next love interest:
PAULA DEAN! Because I watch her show at the gym sometimes and want her to cook for me. Kidding. Kidding. I donít know. Jake is cool though, so I would rather have them develop the Luke/Noah thing than bring someone new in. It might be cool if they brought Kevin back though as a twist.

On performing in love scenes with Jake Silbermann:
It's sort of like the battle of the stubble.

On dealing with fame:

It's still a bit strange to me that I even have fans.

On his online hangouts:
Myspace.com, youtube.com, newyorktimes.com, newsarama.com, comicbookresouces.com, vanhansis.net, imdb.com, and lots of blogs and stuff about New York. I also go to some of those celebrity blogs, even though I hate to admit it. Going to those is like eating at McDonalds, so good while you are there but afterwards you feel a little sick to your stomach.

Hmm, sometimes the Newsarama forums (but not, I should add, the fabulous [email protected]) give me the same feeling.

I'm hoping that we will see plenty of Luke in the next few months, as Hansis promises. I know a lot of Luke fans are expecting for the character to disappear sometime in September, similar to what happened last year.

That's only a sampling of his responses, however. Check out the full entry to learn his favorite comic book moments, some kind words about Martha Bryne (who plays Luke's mother, Lily) and, of course, the answer to the "Boxers or briefs?" question. And of course be sure to read our own interview with this exceptional young actor.
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