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Only the Lumi and DiMera spoilers for now; the rest later.

Lucas/Sami/EJ: "Sami and EJ grow closer while learning more about the gripping history of Santo and Colleen. By October, Sami must choose between saving her marriage and ending the vendetta. Sami then asks Lucas for an annulment. Lucas will cut ties with Kate and change his last name to Horton."

The DiMeras: "The origin of the DiMera/Brady vendetta is finally revealed. Bo designs a unique plot to trap Andre, enlisting the help of all of the Bradys and Tony and Anna. Howevre, Andre turns the tables on them, putting several lives in danger. Steve will take Stefano hostage; Stefano will reveal a stunning truth from the past to Grandpa Shawn. One of the Bradys will hover near death. One of the DiMera will die in September then another will die in October."

The headline about EJ dying was a red herring. Lucas and Sami save his his life. Here are the highlights or lowlights from the article.

It's Lucas to the Rescue when Days of Our Lives EJ is Electrocuted

"Sami stops the CPR and Lucas picks up. "The next time he is conscious, Lucas's tongue is his mouth." cracks Scott.

"It's all very interesting and I suppose he almost dies, but luckily he doesn't."

After the paramedics tend to EJ, "Sami and Lucas proceed to have probably the best scences of the year." declares Dattilo. "Lucas reluctantly confronts the problem of EJ, and Sami's like, 'Why are you so upset?" and he says, ' Becuae you want this guy and I can see it. He wants you and I'm sick of it.' They're dynamite scences. You have to tune in."

Second Chances

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