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So I just watched Monday.

I LOVED that Sam was behind the kidnapping attempt! I love her! She made a great thing to keep Liz and Jason away from one another! But right now, I actually want Liz and Jason to be together, so that I can just FF their scenes together...

I do hope that Sam moves on to another storyline soon. Although, like I said, I do enjoy her revenge on Jason and Liz! :D

Jerry/Carly/Irina stuff is still not grabbing my attention and it still boring and is still the worst storyline right now. zzzz Finish it, Guza!!

Kate/Sonny.. was there ANY movement there? I don't think so.. A lot of repeating.. not a fan of repeating..

Robin/Patrick... have they really moved in their relationship since the beginning of the year? Cause, Patrick is still a major flirt, Robin is still majorly insecure and jealous and they still have pretty much the same dialogue.. BORING!

And finally, Lulu and Logan... couple of the year, IMO! Loving them! And I can't wait to see Tuesday and see them making love! By the previews, it does seem like we might finally get a full lovemaking scene! Something that I haven't seen on soaps lately! :hail:
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