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Just watched. :) Awesome show, as usual!

Gwen and Rebecca were hilarious as always....I loved when Rebecca was in awe that the limo driver wanted to be faithful to his wife. :lol:

I'm guessing that Rebecca and Gwen are in the wrong place and it wasn't them that came to Ethan and Theresa's room...otherwise it would have showed them when Ethan said "What the hell?"

I loved Sheridan/Vincent and Luis....I really thought that Luis was going to leave Sheridan there and it made me so sad. But thankfully he came through! I knew that Vincent would escape. Hey, Luis, Sheridan's not dead....she can wait while you catch a serial killer who's right in front of you. :lol:

Alistair was hilarious, but in such a mean way. "Ugly Crane" :lol: :lol:
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