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Steve Frame
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The writing has been on the wall for Drake all along. Hogan has not wanted to write for him and it is apparent.

Corday out and out lied when he said he was going to put the big 4 back in the forefront. He didn't change anything. The same people he featured the first of the year are still at the forefront. Nothing changed as usual with Corday.

He lessened Steve and Kayla for awhile but most of that was due to Kayla being off.

Who got storylines after the big plan:

EJ, Sami, Lucas
Jeremy, Nick, Chelsea, Stephanie, & Jett
now Steve & Kayla
Philip, Belle, Shawn are on the edge of another story starting with Philip's baby and Belle's inability to choose

Who still doesn't have a story:

Bo & Hope - all they do is investigate a story that doesn't affect them

John & Marlena - still nothing to do.

If you ask me both Corday and HOgan are full of shit.

But it doesn't surprise me at all about John getting killed. I knew it all along.
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