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Sami and Lucas take Kate's place at her meeting with Andre this week, which leads to a disastrous end for EJ.

The trouble begins when Sami spies the in-disguise DiMera at the gym. "Lucas follows him to the steam room area, where Andre pulls a gun on Lucas, then pistol whips him and beats him up in drag," says BD. "So it's really really great for my character as far as masculinity." Andre locks Lucas in a car that he then surrounds with rabid dogs.

Back in the gym EJ and Sami search for Lucas. "Sami thinks that Lucas may be inside the sauna, so EJ says 'Don't worry, I'll see if he is inside,' as a true hero would," previews JS. "Andre turns up and grabs Samantha and threatens her. EJ comes out of the steam room, and Andre throws Samantha at EJ and they both fall back in. Andre manages to hold the door back and lock it shut. It's terribly troublesome for the two of them because they are now stuck in this place, which is getting hotter." What to do? "First thing you're gonna do is take your clothes off obviously."

A pregnant Sami isn't thrilled. "She tells him to turn around," says AS. "Then she says to him 'If you care about me, help me get out of here. Please don't let me die.' "So EJ looks for a way out. "He hears this hum and realizes that above all of the steam, there must be an air vent," explains Scott. "He thinks maybe he can shortcut the heating system, or squeeze out of the air vent, so he removes the underwire from Sami's bra, which sounds exciting, but she took her bra off in the previous show. He's playing around with it and then suddenly, he somehow manages to electorcute himself."

Sami panics. "She is like 'Oh my God! He is dead. He is not breathing!' And right at that moment Lucas (who has been saved by Bo and Roman) bangs on the door,"says Sweeney. "He asks her if she is ok. She says 'Yes I am fine, but EJ is dead. You have to hurry.' "She begins CPR. "When Lucas opens the door, his wife is basically kissing EJ,"notes Sweeney. "There is sort of a weird beat when it turns into a kiss. She pulls away and he is still unconcious, so she doesn't know if it really happened or if he did it and is pretending to be unconcious. Sami stops the CPR and Lucas picks up. The next time he is concious, Lucas's tongue is in his mouth,"cracks Scott. "It's all very interesting and I suppose he almost dies, but luckily he doesn't."

And despite the fact that Lucas saved EJ's life, "I think they will go back to generally disliking and distrusting one another,"offers Scott. As for Sami, "EJ really does like her. He has huge problems relating to people and kind of under his Daddy's spell. He is beginning to see the error of his ways and becoming a decent upstanding chap."

After the paramedics tend to EJ, "Sami and Lucas proceed to have probably the best scenes of the year,"declares Dattilo. "Lucas reluctantly confronts the problem of EJ, and Sami's like 'Why are you so upset?' And he says 'Because you want this guy and I can see it. He wants you and I am sick of it.' They're dynamite scenes. You have to tune in."
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