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Aug 21 2007, 07:49 PM
Aug 21 2007, 11:26 AM
Pyschofan is right. And the kids should not be involved in a vendetta that began before any of them could even say "Dimera." The Dimeras went after Roman, Marlena, Bo and Hope and John. They are the ones who should be serving it up ice cold, not reduced to sitting around reading a bunch of boring letters.

I think the kids should be involved, some of them anyway, and I thought that was the whole point of brining back the Dimeras.

Stephanie: dead, to better integrate Steve and Kayla
Chelsea: "dead," make Nick a hero, involve her as Bo's daughter

Belle and Shawn should be in this too, imho.

They should be used to amp up the drama, and because that would force older viewers who want to follow the feud to see these younger characters, maybe gain some affection (it could happen, if they didn't do what they've done with poor Sweeney).

I agree. Yes, J&M should be a bigger part of it but Bope are active in this. That is just as good to me in regards to them because what should they be doing? The only thing I can think of them doing in this story is investigating. That is who they are.

I wish the younger characters had been involved more in this because they should be getting into this too. These are their families and it helps get the audience used to them as future big characters. Then again, even if the balance were good some would still hate them because those fanbases have to have their supercouples 5 days a week sucking face and talking about how much they love each other. Romance is needed but Days does need to start integrating new and younger characters. Shawn, Belle, Philip, Sami, Lucas, etc are all ready to be moved up IMO and the fact that a good deal of the audience doesn't see that disturbs me. if Days lasts that long, should we be expecting J&M and B&H to be chasing after criminals with their walkers since the majority of the audience seems to unable to adjust to anyone else?

The main problem with Days is alot of fans have become too unable to please. When they get what they want, they find something else they want and no longer want that. Days' biggest problem since 2000 has been one thing....fanbases. Ed needs to push for what is good for the story. Drama and entertainment comes first because compelling story will help Days more in the long run then giving the fanbases weekly love scenes.
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