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Aug 22 2007, 07:52 PM
EJ would have to be recast at this point, imho. He's all Sami and Lucas have, and the show's banked way too much on Sami to leave her isolated in her age group again. So any death is gonna be fake.

As far as Drake: bye. Shame they didn't follow through and kill your character at the beginning of the storyline to set a nice, dark tone.

God, I love you px. :lol: . If it weren't for you here...well, I don't know.

EJ isn't going anywhere unless they have something else in mind for LUMi. I love JS and think it would be a mistake if he was fired. If he quits, then fine but I do think they may have to find someone to play the role IMO.

As for Drake, if that's true, I will invite all my Days friends over for a party. This is needed. I know there are Drake supported and I respect their view but this man's acting has been going downhill for years and is now just trash, just like his attitude. The show does not need someone who is not willing to be a team player on board. Just like I said about Missy Reeves two years ago when she started phoning it in, an actor's job is to play the content they are given. Period. I don't care if you have been treated unfairly or if you are a 21 year vet. Set an example for others and do your job. I know J&M have nothing to do but that is besides the point. Drake's job is to give it his all. I know he isn't the best and his skills have diminished but what he is doing now is not good enough. It lacks energy and is actually appalling. It's sad, really. I used to love him and admire his dedication, loyalty, and how giving he was to fans and castmembers. Now, I can't stand him.

I wish they had killed him off sooner but killing him off, while it will cause backlash, is something that will spark loads of story and will leave a lasting impact, regardless of his being backburnered for months or not. He is a HUGE character and I hope his death is memorable and well-done.
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