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Aug 22 2007, 08:17 PM
Aug 22 2007, 08:04 PM
Aug 22 2007, 07:56 PM
Aug 22 2007, 07:54 PM
doolfan...keep on posting your opinions.  You just need to stop repeating yourself and don't worry about all the negativity.  Just be careful how you word things. It's good to see another positive Days fan. 

I am going to comment on both yesterday and today.  While yesterday was boring, it was also well-written.  The Max stuff was funny and I am enjoying the Nick story.  Chelsea/Jett suck but I did enjoy the Jeremy/Stephanie stuff.  Well done and pretty good acting.  Hennig rocks and Donovan is really improving, as is the writing for him. 

The Shawn/Belle/Philip stuff over the past two days has been good.  Belle is not really acting out of character.  Shawn is always making decisions without her so her reaction was spot on.  I like this triangle and like watching them deal with realistic obstacles.  The compromise at the end was nice.

Colleen and Santo was magical and the chemistry was great.  I give Hogan props for thinking outside the box and also telling a story that is filled with romance.  I think the characters at the head of it are what the problem is.  Poor Ali and James...they are really trying and Hogan is making an effort at something creative and it's looked at as crap because the big 4 aren't the end all to be all this time.  It's a shame.  Kudos to all of them.  I appreciate it. 

Liked the reactions by everyone reading the letters.  Cute.  Drake is just terrible.  I know he isn't given much but could he at least put in some effort? Ugh.

Not too bad today after the boredom of yesterday.  I am really psyched for the rest of the week.

maybe that is the reason why hogan isnt writing for him. since hogan took over, drake seemed like a statue of some sort, he didnt really care. If he puts more effort in, maybe he would.

Well, last Fall he was still giving effort. He had his bad moments but he had more good then bad. Drake has been going downhill for years but since waking from the coma he has been utterly horrible. That on top of his attitude is grounds IMO for his dismissal. I realize he and Dee are doing nothing but an actor's job is to perform and make the best of what they are given. I said the same thing about Missy Reeves two years ago. I don't care if your backburnered or been there for 35 years, do your job. Let your actions speak louder then words. That is what Drake needs to do.

the reason why we dont get alot of dee and drake because they cost alot of money and days is in budget problem but if there isnt a budget problem then hogan doesnt like writing for them.

Yes, there is a budget problem, but there is no excuse now. Corday promised airtime for them and they really aren't getting alot and they have no part in this story whatsoever, which is wrong.

I like that Marlena is a mother again and that Dee is getting more airtime then Drake but, otherwise, Hogan gets an F from me on use of J&M. I despise Drake but Dee and him do need a bigger role right now. I do think Drake's lack of appearances has something to do with behind the scenes issues but Dee, other then her regular two weeks off this time of year, should be on more then she is IMO.

Oh, and doolfan, please just heed my friendly advice and be careful how your word things. I am glad you enjoy the show and your entitled to your faves but just be carful and try to stop replying to everything :lol: . I am just trying to help :) .
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