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I'm one who hasn't been drawn into the Santo/Colleen story. It seemed too slow paced, and I just didn't feel the passion and romance of an epic love story. Today's episode changed all that. I felt the scenes in Santo's hotel room were sizzling--and when Santo ripped open his shirt and asked Colleen if she wanted his heart....wow. Those were the sexiest scenes DAYS has had for a long time.

The little boy who plays Shawn Sr. in the flashbacks broke my heart today. When he was begging Colleen not to go, not to make him lie for her...I was almost in tears. Alison Sweeney did a good job with that, too. She looked so sad and conflicted and had big tears in her eyes, but you could also feel her yearning for a different life. Nice that Colleen mentioned it was her father that wanted her to be a nun and that this is not the life she would have chosen for herself. That gave me some insight into her character, which helps me care more about her. And that I think is what's been missing in this story for me. They just threw these made-up characters at us without giving us any idea of who they were; however, today with Colleen's talk with her brother and then Santo's speech to Colleen we were given some information as to who these people are. That makes me care about what happens to them. I just wish it hadn't taken all summer to get to this point!

It always makes me happy to see Doug and Julie, even if they are just reading letters. They are long time favorites of mine, and I enjoy seeing them. Loved Doug calling the women "strumpets". Bo and Hope are so cute and always do a great job with whatever material they are given; contrast that to John, who seems to be very disinterested. I'm ready for them to write him out and send Marlena in a new direction.

The Belle/Shawn/Philip stuff was much better today. Belle just came off so bitchy yesterday and I'll admit I was insulted on the Brady's behalf because of her reaction to living over the Pub! I'm also getting more convinced that Grandpa Shawn is on his way out; they are putting Shawn in position to run the Pub and he will even be living there. I think it's a big clue.

Overall, I liked today's episode. I'm even looking forward to the next part of Santo/Colleen's story!
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