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Steve Frame
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Aug 22 2007, 08:45 PM
I do think Drake's lack of appearances has something to do with behind the scenes issues

Very possible.

Kitty, I think the only issue is Hogan doesn't want to write for him. If it was attitude then Thaao and Bryan wouldn't have anything to do. If it was Dee then in past years Drake would have disappeared when she was off and he didn't.

It just boils down to Corday lied again or Hogan (who is supposed to be writing what he wants to write) just doesn't want to write for them.

Right now I would find it very funny if they do fire him and it backfires on them. I don't see it getting the big backlash that it did when fans thought they killed off Marlena in the 80's, but I will be anxious to see a backlash over it.

Maybe one day Corday will wake up and do what is best for the show rather than just what he wants.

And no comment on Hogan. I am just so over him. After reading the upcoming spoilers and previews, he is getting way too over the top and it just seems to be more of the same mistakes Days has been making for years now.
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