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Aug 22 2007, 09:16 PM
Steve, I just keep getting this vision of Hogan trying to write good stories and having a squawking, protesting parrot named Corday sitting on his shoulder, constantly telling him to change this, change that, etc.

As for Hogan not wanting to write for Hogestyn, I heard a tidbit a while back that it's actually Hall he doesn't want to write for. True or not, the end result was the same: No John basically meant no Marlena and vice versa.

It's ridiculous that he would not want to write for either one of them. They are BOTH frontburner material and have proved it for years and years.

I typically do get upset when actors complain about a writer...just because I think it's the writers job to write and it's the actor's job to act and the writer shouldn't comment on an actor's ability and the actor shouldn't comment on a writer's ability....but in the case of Thaoo, Bryan, and Drake...they can say all the garbage they want about Hogan because that man has grated on my last nerve.
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