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Aug 22 2007, 09:16 PM
Steve, I just keep getting this vision of Hogan trying to write good stories and having a squawking, protesting parrot named Corday sitting on his shoulder, constantly telling him to change this, change that, etc.

As for Hogan not wanting to write for Hogestyn, I heard a tidbit a while back that it's actually Hall he doesn't want to write for. True or not, the end result was the same: No John basically meant no Marlena and vice versa.

Exactly. Corday has a track record of interference and being a liar. That is why I defend Hogan. Hogan has no reason to lie. His reputation is on the line and there is no way someone lies about that much. Hogan was keeping his promises all the way through January and then it all changed.

I heard the same about Hall but then I also heard that some things happened with Hogestyn and some cast members and Corday and co. found out and one thing led to another.

I have been hearing bad things about Drake for months from people I trust and what he said publicly is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.
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