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The conversation in that thread in Soap History made me think....who here has tapes of some classic stories, or older episodes? What are some things that you've saved on VHS or DVD?

For me, being a psycho fan, I have 8 tapes of nothing but my favorite psychos and bitches. :lol: Sadly, I didn't start this until 2005. I wish I had started way before then, because I have hardly any Jan. <_<

But anyway, here's what I have....

- A few moments from Janet's '06 return and just about all of her appearances in 2007.

- Basically all of the Cleo story....ending with Jade's exit

- Brady and Chloe's wedding....I realized I had it saved just a while ago. It was unintentional, but I'm glad I saved it just because it's JER's work. :lol:
- The 1995 episode that aired on SoapNET a while back
- Sami's Vegas wedding to Austin
- Marlena's 2004 funeral

- All Helena appearances from 2005-Jan 2007
- 2 Jennifer Bransford Carly episodes that aired when SoapNET showcased the emmy nominations for 2005.

- Any appearance that Margaret made from Sept 2005 until her death (June 2006)....includes Todd's execution, etc.

- Most of the Vendetta storyline-- mainly the Beth/Norma/Mrs. Wallace scenes
- Most of the Rebecca/Gwen and evil Sheridan stuff from this year
- Everything from last month onward

- A few 2005 Sheila episodes
- 1 Pheila episode

Sadly, as you can see, my collection is not very big. I'm dying to get the Salem Stalker on DVD or VHS....or pretty much ANY Jan appearance. :lol:

So, share your collections of tapes!
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