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Oh my!

Let's see...

I have:

- PC: One Last Bite marathon and some of The Gift.

- Days: The shootout at Greta's coronation ball (the hell I went through trying to find that one before YouTube, LOL) and the fire at the Kirakis mansion.

-SB: The infamous C falling on Mary stuff and Eden in the shark tank.

GL: Oh wow... um, I have Reva and Josh's wedding at Cross Creek, Marah's kdnapping and Will accidently killing Rose and Rose's funeral, Phillip and Blake's wedding when Roger was unmasked (SO AWESOME!) and of course, the 70th anniversay show.

GH: I have when Kevin kidnapped Felicia and took her to Jasmine Island or wherever the hell that was, most of the Ryan Chamberlain story, some Ned and Lois when she was pregnant with Brook-Lyn, Luke and Laura fighting over Nikolas, Luke confronting his newly-discovered niece, Carly, about her affair with Tony and Dominique's death. I also have Lila's funeral and some of the Metro Court hostage crisis.

AMC: Tad and Dixie, when Tad was temporarily being played by Terrell Anthony and Tad and Brooke were trying to uncover some plot about a guy that used sub-standard building materials or some nonsense. He forced Tad and Brooke to drink sake to get them drunk, then made it look like they were killed in a fiery crash.

AW: Most of Kathleen's return.
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