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Aug 22 2007, 09:43 PM
My grandmother used to tape Days back in the early 80's while she worked so  that, combined with my own collection from taping everyday, gives me nearly every Days episode since 1981.  I have a whole storage room full of Days tapes and all 8 years of Passions so far.  I have other soaps on tape too like BJ's death on GH and alot of Y&R 90's stuff.  I have so much space dedicated to soaps :lol:

thats cool but i got every episode since 1994 and its all mine. butn my MoM just has the entire storyline of the cruise of deception and that is not mine but dam i want that from her but she wont give me those tapes.

Well i got every episode since 1994 and its all mine and i am currently transfering them to dvds, i got 1994-1998 done. My pap had a room built on to our house for my days tapes and well its my days room, i got an entire wall decaded to days of our lives. I got posters and well my days tapes, the room is pretty big. I got them all in ABC order from sep 5, 1994 i believe to now.
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